Specialized Treatment for Felony DWI Offenders

Keeping felony DWI offenders from harming others, keep them out of prison, and on the path to absolute recovery.

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Our Program

Precision Recovery is breaking the continuous cycle of repeat drunk driving offenses by disrupting the existing and ineffective system that is currently in place. Our proven formula of genetic testing and rehabilitation is an alternative to an incarceration program, allowing offenders to potentially avoid prison time due to felony DWI convictions. We provide lasting outpatient treatment for alcohol/substance use disorder and recurring DWI offenses, resulting in reduced sentences and safer roadways.

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Our Process

Our mission is to ensure public safety and DWI offender accountability through our tried and tested, long-term treatment and accountability program. The goal of our program is to promote more responsible and productive members of the community, thereby decreasing recidivism and reducing costs to taxpayers.

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Genetic Identification Testing

Utilizing the Genetic Addiction Risk Score testing (GARS), we can determine whether the offender’s felony alcohol consumption problems are a biological condition that can be helped with long-term treatment.

Addiction Rehabilitation

Our outpatient process is led by experienced treatment professionals who provide long-term medical treatment, counseling, case management, and interventions to treat alcohol addiction at its core.

Legal Partners

We are not attorneys, we work with attorneys to provide science and expertise that works to keep repeat DWI offenders from offending again. If you don’t have an attorney, we can recommend one for you. If you are an attorney who would like to refer clients to our program, contact us today!

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Our program, based on therapeutic jurisprudence and commercial airline pilot treatment, is the proven solution to alcohol/substance use disorder and recurring DWI offenses.

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