About Our DWI Recovery Practice

Our team of professionals developed a proprietary program to provide a hopeful future to DWI offenders and a safe environment for others.

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Filling a Need

DWI arrests face an uphill battle. Felony DWI cases burden the court system. Conviction rates for alcohol crimes in Texas are very high, often resulting in significant prison time for defendants. Judges and prosecutors often want two questions answered:

  • Is the defendant a sick person or a bad person?
  • If I give the defendant a break (such as a non-custodial sentence), will they re-offend and perhaps kill or injure someone?

This is the heart of the program at Precision Translational Medicine. We use Geneus Proprietary Technology to answer these two questions.

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Our Founder

Richard Paul Green III

CEO of Precision Translational Medicine

A licensed therapist in the State of Texas specializing in chemical dependency
Qualified as an expert witness in Bexar County and other counties in Texas
Consultant of criminal and civil cases since 2015
Member of the Public Policy Committee for the National organization that credentials addiction professionals
Former Texas Association of Addiction Professionals State Board Parliamentarian
Researcher and published author in the field of the genetics of addiction and criminality
Contributor to a seminal research paper that is being submitted for consideration to several prestigious law journals
Contributor to a seminal research paper being prepared for submission to JAMA

Our Success Rate Says It All

Our program provides the most positive outcome for felony DWI offenders. Precision Recovery clients who complied with the program requirements have received no prison time to date.

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