Felony DWI Interdiction Treatment

Using the power of science and long-term treatment as an alternative to incarceration programs, bringing an attainable end to the felony DWI crisis.

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The Foundation of Our Process

Our mission is not to put a bandage on the felony DWI crisis or to continue with the “give them a conviction and lock them up” approach that has continually failed our society. Our process gets to the root of why repeat DWI offenses occur in the first place, starting with scientific testing to identify whether a genetic neurobiological disorder could be at play. We then provide tailored and closely monitored therapy to put an end to the destruction of incarceration.

Genetic Identification Testing

Prior to acceptance into our program, drug and alcohol testing takes place followed by GARS, or Genetic Addiction Risk Score lab testing. GARS is the primary diagnostic instrument used in determining if the neurobiological disorder of “reward deficiency syndrome” exists within a repeat felony DWI offender.

Reward deficiency syndrome occurs when dysfunction exists in a person’s dopamine receptors, leading the brain to desperately search for alternate sources of dopamine. As is documented by the National Institute of Health, a lack of D2 dopamine receptors, or poor receptor function, causes individuals to have a high risk for multiple addictive, impulsive, and compulsive behavioral propensities, which include severe alcohol/substance use disorder.

Addiction Rehabilitation

Participants found to have reward deficiency syndrome will be matched with experts having extensive knowledge of substance use disorder in the legal (when the patient doesn’t have counsel), judicial, and medical treatment fields. While we work with these individuals for the development of alternative sentencing options and conditions of probation, our ultimate goal is the full remission of issues causing DWIs.

Individuals will undergo a long-term evidence-based treatment plan specific to their challenges and needs determined from our evaluation. We maintain control of our client’s treatment, meaning nothing is “farmed out.” Treatment issues will be rendered moot by PTM (Precision Recovery, Precision Addiction Medicine, and TCSMAS).

Treatment with Precision Recovery includes:

  • Substance abuse disorder treatment and counseling
  • In-house and online evidence-based psycho-educational programs
  • CleanTrac innovative software to view and prove compliance with conditions of supervision
  • Tailored services for special conditions and needs as identified
  • Case Management and legal consulting/expert witness testimony

Addiction Rehabilitation

Longer-term treatment programs are proven to have better success. We provide long-term treatment and monitoring of 3-5 Years.

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