Felony DWI Interdiction Program

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The Issue

Driving while intoxicated cases have been largely unsuccessful and are overwhelming our courts. Other methods of addressing the daunting problem of DWI offenders have been tried and have been unsuccessful. The arrest numbers continue to grow and alcohol-related traffic fatalities and serious injuries continue to affect our community on almost a daily basis. Simply “Locking up” offenders does not prevent them from reoffending.

The Solution

Precision Recovery’s Felony DWI Interdiction Program

Our 3-5 year program is based on therapeutic judicial management and commercial airline pilot treatment programs. It offers hope to our community by addressing the core problem of many repeat offenders. We do this by combining long-term empiric treatment with strict monitoring and supervision. This outpatient-oriented program will have minimal disruption to the patient’s work and family life.

Client engagement in the program has been proven to help with favorable pleas and sentencing mitigation, as it shows the court and prosecutor that the client is serious about recovery while providing proven relapse prevention methods that protect the community and the client.

The Results

Our results have been truly exceptional! Most often our clients receive the desired plea agreement or sentence of probation, even already having 5+ DWI convictions. Continued engagement in the program is often a condition of probation, as it is highly correlated with long-term sobriety.

Precision Recovery vs Regular Pre-Trial Services

See How Our Process Works

Precision Recovery

Utilizes the “team” approach to treatment and supervision with specially trained team members, including licensed physicians, therapists, case managers, recovery support specialists, and attorneys who work with defense attorneys, as well as pre-trial and probation officers.

Medical and counseling interventions are used to help ensure compliance and positive treatment outcomes.

Compliance issues with the program are discussed by the team and handled on an individual basis.

Manageable program fee which covers the costs of co-payments and out-of-pocket charges.

Incentives are available as the participant progresses.

We plan to use a licensed attorney, acting as a “judge,” who knows the unique circumstances of every participant and meets with them during a specialized “docket” that is held every other week.

Pre-Trial Services & Probation

Probation officers without specialized training and caseloads of 150+ defendants - no case manager available.

Treatment services at the pretrial level are very limited. Most probationers won’t receive treatment until after the case has gone to court for sentencing, if at all.

Ancillary needs are not considered or addressed.

The majority of probation violations result in a motion to revoke and an arrest.

Defendants normally pay a high fine, all court costs, and other charges.

No recognition or incentives for progress.

The judge only sees a defendant if a Motion to Revoke Probation has been filed.

Help to Licensed Professionals

Not only can our program potentially keep offenders out of prison and onto a life of recovery, but it can also help licensed professionals to stay in their occupations. Some of the professionals we have helped to keep their license include:

  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Attorneys
  • Pilots
  • Railroad Operators

Improve the Felony DWI Case Management Process in Texas!

Enhance felony DWI prosecution and sentencing process outcomes with Precision Recovery’s Interdiction Program.

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